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Although traffic offences may not seem of importance to some, there has been a methodical spotlight on promoting general deterrence within the NSW court system – meaning that you may potentially be facing a harsher outcome. Traffic matter range from minor infringements to more serious offences, and our assistance will assure a quick and easy manoeuvre through the criminal justice system.

At Karnib Saddik Law Firm, we understand how crucial it is to have the best legal strategy to form a strong representation for all traffic matters. We tend to the matter with a fluency that has been cultivated over years of experience with the court system. As it is a constantly evolving area of legislation, our solicitors regularly hone their prolific skills by remaining informed of any law reforms to get you the best results.

We have been involved in various areas of Traffic Law including, but not limited to:

Dangerous Driving

Demerit Points

Driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs

Drive with a suspended licence

Habitual offenders

Negligent Driving

Police Pursuit


Suspended licence appeals