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How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost Australia?

How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost Australia?

There are many different price models available used by Lawyers. These can vary from fixed rates to hourly rates. All the time spent on a case is logged and charged to the client. All time spent on a case is logged by the lawyer. 

Fixed fees are charged for specific services. Hourly rates are charged for general services. The amount that’s charged is determined by the quality of the lawyer and the complexity of the service.

The client must approve all work on their account. A lawyer is not allowed to charge for unknown work. The client must be charged reasonably with accordance to the law.

Hourly Rate

A Lawyer can cost between $200-$800 per hour. There are many factors that determine the value of a lawyer. Whenever possible, you may want to try and get a fixed rate. This may save you in the long term. 

Some services may not be available at a fix-rate. The Lawyer risks a loss if they sink too much time into a dead end. 


This all depends on the service, the Lawyer, the Firm, the complexity of the task, the duration and quality of the Lawyer. 

You best seek consultation from a Lawyer to discuss what you are looking for as such services can vary from $200-$4000. 

NSW Law on Lawyer Costs

General prices are determined by Law. Lawyers must be charged as fair and reasonable under the “Legal and Professional Uniform Law”. Here is what they must adhere to from the legislation verbatim:

Legal costs must be fair and reasonable

(1)  A law practice must, in charging legal costs, charge costs that are no more than fair and reasonable in all the circumstances and that in particular are—

(a)  proportionately and reasonably incurred; and

(b)  proportionate and reasonable in amount.

(2)  In considering whether legal costs satisfy subsection (1), regard must be had to whether the legal costs reasonably reflect—

(a)  the level of skill, experience, specialisation and seniority of the lawyers concerned; and

(b)  the level of complexity, novelty or difficulty of the issues involved, and the extent to which the matter involved a matter of public interest; and

(c)  the labour and responsibility involved; and

(d)  the circumstances in acting on the matter, including (for example) any or all of the following—

(i)  the urgency of the matter;

(ii)  the time spent on the matter;

(iii)  the time when business was transacted in the matter;

(iv)  the place where business was transacted in the matter;

(v)  the number and importance of any documents involved; and

(e)  the quality of the work done; and

(f)  the retainer and the instructions (express or implied) given in the matter.

(3)  In considering whether legal costs are fair and reasonable, regard must also be had to whether the legal costs conform to any applicable requirements of this Part, the Uniform Rules and any fixed costs legislative provisions.

(4)  A costs agreement is prima facie evidence that legal costs disclosed in the agreement are fair and reasonable if—

(a)  the provisions of Division 3 relating to costs disclosure have been complied with; and

(b)  the costs agreement does not contravene, and was not entered into in contravention of, any provision of Division 4.

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